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Dedicated to raising private equity and debt capital for financial sponsors and corporations.

Perth Advisors helps alternative asset fund managers expand their franchise and grow their capital base in the institutional market.

Perth's principals have been involved in nearly $14 billion of private equity and debt transactions from both a buy and sell side.

Whether you are seeking to expand your capital base for your existing platform or repositioning your brand with a different investor base in mind, our principals have the necessary experience to help you achieve your goals.

Placement Agent

Perth's principals have worked with large multi-billion dollar firms as well as emerging managers, providing each with the same level of service and professionalism.

Our approach is to be your marketing partner and add value where needed to achieve your strategic and capital raising goals.

In addition, we put our net worth on the line with investors. Perth's guiding principle is a desire and willingness to invest in every capital raising opportunity the firm represents. Perth believes this desire and conviction that we should write a check alongside investors keeps the firm's underwriting skills sharp and incentives aligned.

Client Profiles

Perth’s principals have experience raising a variety of private funds including:

  • Real Estate (Equity and Debt)
  • Distressed (Corporate and Real Estate)
  • LBO
  • Corporate Mezzanine
  • Opportunistic Credit and Equity
  • Niche / Sector Strategies
  • Secondary

We look for alternative fund managers who possess many of the following characteristics:

  • Track Record of Success
  • History of Price Discipline (i.e. Low Basis/Price Point)
  • Not Reliant on Excessive Leverage to Generate Attractive Returns
  • Proprietary/Robust Deal Flow
  • Cash Flow over the Duration of the Investment that Reduces Principal
  • Invests in Areas Shunned by the Preponderance of Institutional Capital
  • Replicable Strategy
  • Reputation of Integrity

Reading List

These are some books that inform our investment approach and worldview. We hope you find them useful.

Margin of Safety

by Seth A. Klarman

Written in 1991, Seth Klarman of the Baupost Group successfully predicts the shortfalls of securitizing poorly underwritten loans, gives a great overview of some of the limitations large institutional investors have deploying large amounts of capital and provides a cogent guide to value investing.

The (Mis)Behavior of Markets

by Bernard Mandelbrot and Richard L. Hudson

According to Mandelbrot, economics is not a science like physics or chemistry, markets do not move randomly and they are much riskier than much of the conventional financial literature would have you believe.

Behavioural Investing: A Practitioners Guide to Applying Behavioural Finance

by James Montier

This is a long book at 728 pages. Luckily James Montier has a good sense of humor and is a fun read. The book is broken up into bite size articles on a variety of interesting topics including investor psychology, value investing and governance and ethics.

More Money than God

by Sebastian Mallaby

Mallaby's review of hedge fund managers illustrates that there's more than one way to make money investing. This book is a terrific overview of the investment styles and the triumphs and failures of some of the most successful hedge fund managers.

The Opium War

by John Fay

Drugs, cultural clashes, trade conflicts, political corruption - no, it's not cable T.V. news, it's the south coast of China in the 1830's and 40's. An engaging economic and political history of Britain's engagement with China and some context as to why China engages the West as it does today.

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